Adventure Blog: If not now, When?

The hard truth is that many people never leave their own country let alone embark on exotic well planned out vacations having detailed itineraries and dangerous possibilities in foreign countries with unknown expectations. Whether a Safari across the African continent a relaxing week on a island resort,or a simple weekend jaunt to a nearby metropolis, travel is a privilege and should always feel like an Adventure and never be taken for granted. One thing is for certain, when it’s all said and done I will have no regrets on the things I wanted to do or was able to do. Travel is the only thing you buy that will make you richer!!!.

All blog entries will be my direct experiences with all photos shown be taken by me or someone who was with me on these expeditions and travels.

Stay Tuned!!!


41 thoughts on “Adventure Blog: If not now, When?

  1. Looking forward to your posts and your travel experiences. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. We’ve been blogging 5 years, and have yet to post all photos and good times. It’s fun trying, though! Best wishes for a good 2018!

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  2. Welcome to the blogging & thank you so much for the visit & the follow. You would find a very supportive community here & one that suddenly has you talking & meeting with people all over the world, who are like minded & supportive! Look forward to reading about your adventures! Lynn

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  3. Hello Enigma, welcome to this interesting world which I have found more rewarding than expected. Many interesting people and ideas, travel and literature, physics and philosophy etc.
    Thank you for your follow and as I love travelling I certainly will.


  4. Good luck with your blog. I SO agree with you that we should never take our opportunities to travel for granted. It is a privilege to have the disposable income no matter which standard of travel we undertake. Here’s to finding a sponsor who will partner with you 🙂

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  5. I totally agree. Travelling allows us to see and experience new things. It teaches us a lot. It truly is something I find priceless.

    This is a bit overdue, but welcome to the blogging community!

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